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24:7-hour Maintenance & Services Laboratory field

Supply, Installation & Commissioning Services at the highest level

Maintenance, Check-ups, Repairs, Calibration and certification 

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The Inship Services, Ltd, has specialized technical personnel that is continually trained and evaluated. We aim to ensure you that the work we carry out is done correctly and with excellent skills. We work on site at home and overseas. In most cases we will be ready to mobilize at short notice to carry all service onboard of the vessel available 24 hours per day, even if the job is overseas.

We have ours services available around the world. Wherever you are, our experienced service engineers are standing by to attend your vessel. 

The Inship Services, Ltd, is specialized to supply equipments in the electronic field. Beside delivering, engineering and commissioning of systems, installation and modification belong to the core business of our company.

We can provide suitable manpower for managing and following the systems installed based on the costumers needs and equipments supplied through annually maintenance contracts with many advantages to the companies. 


The Inship Services,,Ltd, do besides the Installation, maintenance, check-ups, calibration and repairs, the report and issue of certificates of systems.

This way we calibrate and issue annual certificate of your instruments and systems being therefore reliable, maintained with high standards by personnel technically competent. We can calibrate systems and instruments on site anywhere in the world or in our workshop.

We use high-grade calibration equipments, tested and calibrated annually by qualified and approved organizations. 

Amongst other things, Inship Services, Ltd, test, calibrates and certifies: 
  • Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control Systems (ODME) 
  • Portable & Fix Gas Detection Systems 
  • VDR: Voyage Data Recorder 
  • Tank Monitoring & Alarm Systems 
  • Tank Level Alarm System 
  • Temperature, Pressure and Vapour Alarm Systems 
  • Oil-in Water-Monitor (Bilge Alarm and Monitor alarm 15 p.p.m.) 
  • Fuel Oil Viscosity Control & Viscotherms 
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter and pressure transmitter 
  • Gauge Pressure Transmitter 
  • Temperature & pressure gauges