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Inship Services, Ltd

Tel: (+350) 54039992

Email: info(at)inshipservices(dot)co(dot)uk

Inship Services Ltd is an expert in the field of marine automation and instrumentation with the most advance technology and expertise in the maritime field.

Our goal is to provide reliable service to our clients, undertaking each task from the beginning to its completion. We offer services integrated and advanced solutions to free the customer from additional concern. We possess all the proficiency in the maritime field and conduct all services in compliance with internationally standards and regulations.

24:7-hour Maintenance & Services Laboratory field

Supply, Installation & Commissioning Services at the highest level

Always in contact


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We have technical personnel that is continually trained and evaluated, we aim to ensure you that the work we carry out is done correctly and with excellent skills.



We are specialized to supply equipments in the electronic field.

Besides de Installation we do maintenance,
check-ups, calibration, repairs and certification of systems.



We are ready to mobilize at short notice to carry out service onboard of your vessel available 24 hours per day, even if the job is overseas.

We have ours services available around the world wherever your vessel will be. 


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