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We work we the most known and effective brands in the world like Musasino, Omicron, Riken Keiki, Toka Seiki, Deckma Hamburg, Brannstroms, Fellow Kogyo, GMI, BW technologies, Vaf Instruments, Seres, Rivertrace Enginnering, Totem Plus, Xtrónica, Komyo Kitagawa, Wika, Sika, Drager, MMC, Tanksystem, Nakakita, JOWA, MSA, Servomex, RAE, Crowcon, Consillium, etc., for the wide range of below systems and products.

 Cargo Control Systems

 Fixed Gas Detection systems

 Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control Systems (ODME)

 Portable Gas Detection

 VDR: Voyage Data Recorder

 Tank Monitoring & Alarm Systems

 Tank Level Alarm System

 Temperature, Pressure and Vapour Alarm Systems

 Oil-in Water-Monitor (Bilge Alarm and Monitor alarm 15 p.p.m.)

 Fuel Oil Viscosity Control & Viscotherms

 Differential Pressure Transmitter and pressure transmitter

 Gauge Pressure Transmitter

 Liquid Level Transmitter

 Tanks Pressure Gauges

 Draft Level Gauges 

Our Products